Solutions: Clients

NorthWind values its strong relationships with a tremendous network of senior leaders, boards, and investors. Our clientele benefits as our focus is on building solid relationships with a limited number of select clients across core industries and markets at any given time.

This not only allows us to avoid the hindrances and obstacles a large hands-off list poses, it creates the bandwidth necessary to offer greater attention to each client.

Since 1997, our team members have collectively committed to leading and impacting their respective markets, and have ultimately filled more than 800 executive positions for a myriad of clients. In the absence of successful performance and results, we understand that the reasonable client will seek other alternatives.

Companies, investors, and executives always have choices; we never forget this fact. Since inception, NorthWind has held a robust track record of 99% successful completion. More than 75% of our clients return every time the opportunity to seek our help arises. This is a strong reaffirmation that our relational approach – one that is supported by deep experience, a solid data analytical process, and a commitment to excellence in diligence and delivery – is the right one.

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