DNA: Vision & Values / NorthWind Name

At NorthWind Partners, we believe a genuine commitment to diligence and performance earned trust yields unsurpassed results.

We are passionate about helping organizations realize or increase their potential for success by delivering high impact human capital solutions where they are needed most.

While domain expertise is important, it takes much more than technical expertise to achieve superior outcomes. We consider our success in these endeavors to be the direct results of 1) Our selected advisors’ unique capability to build sincere rapport quickly with investors, boards, enterprise leaders, and executives; and 2) Securing a long term connection with extensive market and target diligence as well as scientifically driven screening that goes far beyond existing networks and one dimensional resumes. Vital and meaningful counsel, and, above all, successful performance are our guarantees.


We firmly believe that genuine teamwork yields unsurpassed results and individual satisfaction. Every aspect of the firm is structured to function and thrive on the collaboration, collegiality, and loyalty derived from teamwork. Self-interest doesn’t go far here.


Delivering at or beyond the results anticipated by clients and colleagues is the only standard by which performance can be measured. NorthWind intrinsically and financially remunerates consistent, dependable performance.


Ours is a culture that views individual passions, family, and various external pursuits as an integral part of a well lived life. In keeping with this belief, we strive to generously bestow time and rewards upon the talent that comprises our team. Generosity simply cannot exist – nor can it thrive – without integrity, teamwork, and performance.

Meaning of NorthWind’s Name

The NorthWind Theory of Management posits that “resistance to a particular change can be reduced or avoided by creating a desire for that change.” NorthWind was created to identify, cultivate and support that desire for change in talented executives, on behalf of our clients.

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