Solutions: Detailed Analysis

“I think success comes from having the right person in the right job at the right time with the right skill set for the business problem that exists.”

~Nick Chabraja, former CEO – General Dynamics



NorthWind requires each candidate who proceeds to an interview with a Client to complete a Scorecard. This Scorecard implements methods designed by ghSMART, a highly regarded management assessment firm dedicated to the most meaningful evaluation of board members and leaders as it pertains to generating real value enhancement in organizations around the world.

The scorecard is a document that describes exactly what you want a person to accomplish in a role. It is not a job description, but rather a set of outcomes and competencies that define a job done well. By defining A-level performance for any given role, the scorecard provides a clear picture of what the right candidate needs to be able to accomplish.

Scorecards translate business plans into role-by-role outcomes and create alignment among a team, unify a culture, and ensure people understand expectations.

You wouldn’t think of having someone build you a house without an architect’s blueprint in hand. Don’t think of hiring people for your team without having NorthWind deliver this blueprint to you.

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